After over 1000 transactions, the hood is by far the market I enjoy spending my investment energy. 

I have countless deals in these areas that I have either flipped, held for long term and short-term rentals, and worked with other investors to do the same.  I’m personally bringing in thousands a month in passive income while I hold on to multiple units before selling them for well over 10x the amount I acquired them for.

While it is something I am proud of, I am not one to lose sight of the learning curve that came along with this growth.

The average rehab takes about three to four months to complete. Many beginner investors run into a slew of issues if they are not properly educated on how to properly choose the right area of the “hood”,  what the process will entail, and meeting deadlines along the road to rent maximization, tenant placement and duplication. 

It wasn't easy but it was worth it...

Investing in the Hood is not an easy task, but it pays in the long run if done right. So much goes into just one project alone, but after you’ve mastered the process and got a few systems down, you start to get the hang of it. 

After 20 years of investing, I can assure you I’ve been around the block more than a few times. I actually have one renovation that took me well over a year to finish! And while it turned out beautiful- and it’s cash flowing quite handsomely right now- the rehab should not have taken that long.

As one veteran investor put it, “It happens to the best of us”.

But First, Let Me Introduce Myself…


My name is Kito Johnson, and I’m the Founder of The Generational Wealth University.

Over the last 21 years as an investor and broker to investors, I’ve learned a thing or two about making money in real estate in just about every form and fashion — buy-and-hold, fix-and-flip, short-term rentals and wholesaling, to name a few.

Not only that, but I’ve taught hundreds of new investors my blueprint for building a profitable real estate business that puts them on the path to long-term wealth and financial freedom.

And I believe I can help you do the same thing, no matter where you’re starting from.

But first, in order to understand why, you should know how I got here…

I’m So Thankful for My “Hood Mentors”

As expert investors thriving in the game with decades of time and over 1000 deals behind me, I’ve made mistakes that you don’t have to! 

My journey took lots of “hood mentors” and mistakes to find my footing. But once I did, the sky was the limit.

There will be times you get snagged on a hitch during rehabs. Small mishaps can lead to big ones and ultimately push deadlines and raise budgets. 

However, that doesn’t have to discourage you. 

While my longest rehab took me 3 times as long as I expected, I’ve got others that I wrapped up in several short weeks!

It’s Possible!

Yes, this is possible and I’m going to show you how.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Get the facts, follow my lead, and in the next 12 months you can increase your net worth by $250,000 - that’s a quarter of a million dollars!

The truth is a wake-up call. The hood won’t be the hood for much longer. 

As stadiums, malls, and the demand for entertainment increases, neighborhoods get more appealing and convenient, and buyers move from the suburbs are moving back into the middle of all the action.

What Other Strategy Has Numbers Like This?

Here’s how my first "hood deal" looked:

1. Found a property with a motivated seller

2. Negotiated a $8,000 purchase price

3. Renovated it for $9,500 plus the HVAC system 

4. I was all in less than $22,000

5. I placed a tenant with housing subsidy paying $1050/mo rent

6. I refinanced at $65,000 (not bad huh?)


The leads keep coming...

Stay Ahead in the Game

The market is changing and as investors, we need to be AHEAD of the game at ALL times. 

You can get in on it, but you have to do it the right way.

There is a particular set of things you need to understand before you start. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • -Can you spot a good prospect?
  • -How will you evaluate if a property has potential? 
  • -There will be various contractors involved, do you know how to manage them all?
  • -Any idea of the type of effort that goes into this type of rehab? 
  • -What about the difference between rental grade, rental+ grade and retail grade renovations?

You need real-life examples, accounts, and advice from contractors and investors currently flipping in the hood so you know the strings to pull and calls to make.

Sign up for my latest online course Investing In The Hood and learn all the steps you need to get to six-figure success in the hood with my secret formula!

  • I’ll let you in on the strategies that’ll get you the right property
  • Determine property value 
  • Get your rehab financed and get the finished product rented 
  • Then refinance, pull out the cash, and do it all again!


Investing in the Hood

Investing in the Hood is a step-by-step digital training program that teaches you proven techniques for building a profitable real estate business in as little as 90 days.

It contains 19 Training Videos that cover everything you need to know to get your first deal done — and many more after that.

This is the most comprehensive training on inner city real estate that you will find. It includes everything you need to go from “newbie” to certified expert:

•    How to set yourself up for massive profit and financial freedom BEFORE you ever even do your first deal

•    Proven techniques for finding sellers who will gladly sell their property at 50% of Fair Market Value….and THANK you for it when the deal is closed.

•    Use my tried-and-true offer formula to ensure you NEVER OVERPAY for a property (and leave yourself room for cash windfall profits)

•    Negotiation secrets that virtually guarantee you get the best possible price on every deal

•    Eliminate all the guesswork by giving you a detailed step-by-step process to follow — from finding a property all the way to collecting rent and getting a huge check when you refinance

Module 1: Finding the RIGHT Properties ($1497 Value)

  • Develop the most fundamental business skill you need to create success (Most investors completely ignore this and jeopardize their entire business as a result)
  • The type of seller you should NEVER waste your time with…even if they insist they want to sell
  • Ninja tips to quickly evaluating properties and estimating renovation numbers

Module 2: Purchasing Smart ($997 Value)

  • Finding the cash without perfect credit
  • Understanding the language of the lender and what type of lenders to avoid
  • How to navigate the road to the closing table

Module 3: Rental+ Grade Renovations ($997 Value)

  • Understanding the difference between rental, rental+ and retail grade renovations
  • How to update smart without overdoing it (you won't see this on HGTV)
  • Based practices for dealing with contractors (this will save you thousands of dollars and plenty of heartache)

Module 4: Renting for Cash Flow ($997 Value) 

  • Determining the best type of tenant for your area
  • Understanding the world of subsidized housing how to avoid the common mistakes of those who don't
  • How to quickly fill your units and minimize vacancy
  • The sure-fire way to avoid the tenant nightmare

Module 5: Cashing in with Refinancing ($997 Value)

  • Why your credit score is not the most important factor
  • Understanding Asset-Based Lending
  • How to time your refinance in a way that insures eligibility to put cash back in your pocket

Module 6: Building Wealth through Rinse and Repeat ($797 Value)

  • Learn how to duplicate the process and add $250,000 to your bottom line in the first 12 months!!
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage over “old-school” investors


Special Pricing (Limited)

Now, based on everything that’s included you might be expecting this program to cost $7,000 or more.

And it would be completely worth it at that price, considering you’d only need to do one deal to make your entire investment back.

But I don’t want anyone to be left out because of financial limitations.

So for a limited time, you can join Investing in the Hood with a steep “Founder’s Discount”.

This is the Beta release of the program, and I’m looking for a group of serious investors to go through the materials, and use them to complete their first deal.

This will give me a batch of testimonials I can use to encourage more people to join me.  

In exchange for your commitment and future testimonial, you’re going to get a tremendous discount.

Plus…I want to virtually guarantee your success

Bonus #1: Lawyer-Reviewed Contracts ($500 Value)
•    I’m including a set of contracts that I’ve personally had reviewed by my attorney (Purchase and Sale contract AND an Assignment of Contract)
•    Designed to keep you protected during the transaction
•    You’ll also get full video walkthrough of each contract so you understand each point before you ever sign your name
Bonus #2: ARV Calculation Spreadsheet ($400 Value)
•    Move ahead with confidence, because I am going to show you how to calculate the After Repair Value of your potential investment
•    Learn the guiding principles that the Pros use to quickly and accurately determine value
So I’m adding two Bonuses that will pave the path to a highly profitable first deal.

All together, the 6 Modules of Investing in the Hood have a total value of $6,282. When you add in the Bonuses ($900), that brings the total value of the complete Investing in the Hood program to $7,182 And that’s a steal, considering I would charge $15,000 or more to coach you through these materials 1-on-1. Remember, it took me over 20 years (and losing 15 properties) to develop and master this system. You could easily spend that much time in trial-and-error…with no guarantee of success. You can make between $50,000 or much more on your first property by following this system. And it’s completely realistic to do 5 or more in your twelve months.

That’s a potential for $250,000 in your first year.

I’ve done this system over an over personally and I've made over $100,000 on single deals. While that’s not the norm, it still shows you what is possible when you put yourself in the right situation.

Once I get case studies, testimonials about results from students like you, the price of Wholesale Mastery is going up.

But right now, you can still get the Early Bird pricing.

One of the most important skills of a real estate investor is being able to instantly recognize opportunity and immediately take advantage of it.

If you find a great deal on a property, but need a day to think about it, chances are another more decisive investor will swoop in and take that deal (and all the profit) out from under you.

It’s no different with Investing in the Hood.  

Which is why I know that the people with the highest likelihood of success will pounce on this opportunity, rather than procrastinating and paying more later (or worse, doing nothing at all).

So to reward your Fast Action mindset, when you join me in Investing in the Hood today, you won’t pay $7,182

…or even $3,500

…or even $2,500

You are getting Lifetime Access to Investing in the Hood today for just $1997!

But There’s a Catch…

As I mentioned earlier, this is a limited time “Early Bird” offer at a highly discounted price.

I need a small group of investors who are committed to going through the program and getting deals done so I can collect testimonials and success stories.

If you aren’t ready to put the work in…

If you aren’t willing to push outside your comfort zone

If you’re resistant to learning or following instructions…

Then Investing in the Hood isn’t right for you. I wish you luck in your pursuits, but we’re just not the right fit to work together.

However, if you’re motivated to learn this system, and follow my plan…

And build a solid plan for increasing your net worth... FAST, then I urge you to make the smart decision and join me today.

Many past students have followed my lead, and they are now successful investors with brighter financial futures than they could have ever imagined. This is what Anthony had to say:

“I got Kito's Investing in the Hood training and took the lessons he taught. I applied it with immediate success in my local market and then branched off to a submarket an hour and a half from my home. 

My net worth and cash flow blow my mind. I am a full time real estate investor now!"

Now it’s your turn!

Here’s Everything You’re Getting
•19 Training Videos on every aspect of building a profitable "Investing in the Hood" business
•Sales Scripts for High-Powered Negotiation
•Lawyer-Reviewed Contracts
•ARV Calculation Spreadsheet
•…And the confidence of following a proven system that you KNOW will work

So join me today and take the first step towards a future that’s defined by freedom and abundance, rather than limitation. You can create a life where you become the example of what’s possible for your children and your family.

The choice is yours. And it all starts by taking action today. So click the “Get Started Now” button below and I will see you on the inside!

To your future financial freedom!

Kito J. Johnson